Movie of the Month: QATIL

Release Date 22 January 1955
Director/Screen Play Anwar Kamal Pasha
Story Ahmed Shuja Pasha
Producer/ G. A. Gul
Stars Sabiha, Musarrat, Santosh, Asif Jah, Azad, Aslam Parvez, Ajmal, Bibbo, Fazal Haq, M. Ismail
Music Inayat Husain
Lyrics Qateel Shifai




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Bankay Behari Lal (Santosh) lives in a village - Chandar Nagar with his mother (Bibbo) and sister. He is an unemployed graduate. However he has great ambitions to get hold of big chunk of money by any means and therefore every night tries his luck in the casino. The movie starts with Bankay silently leaving his house for the casino where a singer is dancing and singing:

Wah re badalte zamane Kabhi chhakka kabhi teen aanay

Bankay plays a game of cards with landlord’s son Khairati (Azad) and wins. However Khairati realizes that Bankay has tricked him with the cards. Therefore when the following night Bankay wins again, Khairati blames him of foul play and they have a heated argument. During their fight Khairati is severely injured.

Bankay is scared and runs away to the house of his friend Pandit Lekh Raj (Asif Jah). Pandit advises him to escape to the city. He writes a referral letter for Bankay in the name of his friend Banarsi Daas (Ajmal) who lives in the city. He asks Bankay to stay overnight at the Rest House and take the morning bus to the city.


Bankay then goes to the Rest House. While he is still talking to the caretaker of the rest house he listens to some female screams. Bankay immediately enters insdie and finds a thief trying to attack a girl while an old man has been tied to the bed. When the thief sees Bankay, he jumps out of the window. Bankay unties the old man who thanks him and introduces himself as a businessman Kishori Lal (M. Ismail) and the girl as his daughter Saroj (Musarrat Nazir).

After arriving at the city Bankay visists Banarsi Daas’ residence. His daughter Meena (Sabiha) is at home. He waits for Banarsi Daas and when later comes, Bankay gives him the letter from his friend Pandit Lekh Raj. Banarsi Das welcomes him and invites him to stay at his house. Bankay’s charming personality impresses Meena. She has a pet bird in a cage, whom she talks and expresses her feelings in a song:

O maina na janay kiya ho gaya Kahan dil kho gaya o maina

The following morning Banarsi Das writes a referral letter to the Manager of his previous company and asks Bankay to go there for a job. The Manager appoints him on a temporary job subject to confirmation by the company owner who was out of town on vacation. Bankay works hard and after a month when he gets salary, he sends some portion of it to his mother. In the evening he takes Meena to the Theatre. They watch the song:

Dil ki yeh aawaz hay pyar hona chahiye

When they return home Meena finds that her father has died. Before his death, he wrote a letter addressed to Bankay, requesting him to marry Meena. To fulfill Banarsi Dass’ last wish, Bankay marries Meena.

Now Owner of the company returns from the vacation. When Bankay goes to his office, he finds that he is Kishori Lal, the same old man who was saved from the thief. Saroj is also there and she recommends to find a better job assignment for Bankay who is then promoted as a Manager. That evening Kishori Lal invites Bankay for dinner. While Bankay is at Saraoj’s residence, Meena is waiting for him. When he doesn’t arrive on time she sings:

De ke pyar ka payam sanwli saloni shaam aagai


When Bankay returns home he discloses this good news to Meena that he has been promoted as Manager of the company.

The following day Kishori Lal congratulates Bankay on his new position. When Kishori Lal asks Bankay if he is married, he denies it. Then Kishori Lal advises Bankay to spend his evenings with him and that way he would be able to give company to Saroj as well.

In the evening when Bankay visits Kishori Lal's house, he proposes him to marry Saroj on one condition that after the marriage he would have to reside at Kishori Lal’s house. Bankay has always been dreaming of becoming a rich person. Without thinking twice he accepts this proposal.

When Bankay returns home late at night, Meena is still waiting for him for the dinner and it upsets her that he has already taken his dinner outside. During their argument Bankay tells Meena that it was her father’s last wish that he was forced to marry her. This statement makes Meena feel highly disgraced. She says that the death was better than that kind of life.


The other day Kishori Lal informs Bankay of the progress of his marriage arrangements. He also advises Bankay to move to Kishori Lal’s house. Now Bankay is very upset that why he gave misleading information about his marriage that has caused all this trouble. As he cannot sleep so he goes to a pharmacy to get sleeping pills. There he sees a bottle of poison. While the pharmacist is busy, Bankay is able to steal little quantity of Poison. At home he dissolves the poison into Meena’s coffee. When Meena is drinking the coffee, the bird starts crying loudly. After consuming coffee, Meena collapses down and at the same time the bird escapes from the cage.


Bankay takes Meena’s dead body in his car and dumps her far away in the jungle. After a while a snake bites Meena. The poison from snake when reacts with the poison inside Meena, the affect of both poisons is defused. This makes Meena alive again. She gets up in search of water but falls down due to weakness. Some villagers pick her up and provide her food and shelter. One of the villager (Fazal Haq) explains how Meena got cured with snake’s poison.

In her distressed situation, Meena sings:

Dil ke arman lutay


An old villager offers Meena to take her to the city to find her a job.

Bankay is feeling guilty now for murdering Meena. He sings:

Aate ho yaad bar bar kaisey tumhain bhulain hum

It is just a coincidence that the old villager takes Meena to Kishori Lal’s house for whom he is doing laundry work. Kishori Lal is in need of someone who could perform the extra work due to forthcoming marriage of Saroj with Bankay, so he employs her as domestic helper. The news of Bankay’s marriage with Saroj was a shock for Meena. However she controls herself and starts working there as Basanti.

That night Bankay takes dinner at Kishori Lal’s house. After dinner, Bankay and Saroj both go out for shopping. Seeing them together, Meena sings:

Ulfat ki nai manzil ko chala tu banhain dal ke banhon main

The following day Kishori Lal receives a telegram informing him of the arrival of Ashok (Aslam Parvez) who had been the fiancée of Saroj. He was serving the Army. He disappeared during the war and was declared dead. The news of his arrival makes Kishori Lal joufull. He explains to Bankay that now with Ashok's return, he is not in a position to marry him with Saroj.


That evening Bankay visits Saroj and expresses his disapproval to the new situation but Kishori Lal makes it clear that he was just an employee of their company and he had no right to talk to them in that manner.

Next day Bankay is fired from his job and Ashok takes over. Saroj offers Bankay some money as compensation but he rejects it. At home Bankay finds that the birds has returned to the cage.

He misses Meena and in his frustration he enters the Kishori Lal’s house at night and fires at Saroj to kill her. Saroj is badly injured. Kishori Lal calls the Hospital and the Police for help. Meena donates her blood to save Saroj’s life.

Bankay returns back so that Kishori Lal can handover him to the Police. However Saroj request her father not to call the Police. She pardons Bankay and tells him that she has a gift for him. She then takes him inside her bedroom where Meena was waiting for Bankay.


Bankay now decides to return to the village because he has learned his lesson. He will no more run after the money. They are leaving when Kishori Lal brings a bag of 100.000 Rupees and presents to Meena. Bankay refuses to accept it but Kishori Lal gives it to Meena as a gift of a father. She accepts it.

The End

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