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First Pakistani Film
“Teri Yaad” (Urdu) was filmed in Lahore and released on 7 August 1948. However director Luqman always claimed his film “Shahida” (18 March 1949) being the first Pakistani film as he started shooting it first.

First Film
in Punjabi language: “Pheray” – Lahore - 3 August 1949

in Karachi: “Hamari Zaban” (Urdu) - Eastern Studios - 10 June 1955.

in Urdu language in Dacca: “Jago Huwa Sawera” - 25 May 1959.

in Sindhi language: “Umar Marvi” – Karachi - 12 March 1956.

in Pashto language: “Yousuf Khan Sher Bano” – Karachi - 1 December 1970.

in Gujrati language: “Maa Te Maa” – Karachi - 1 December 1970.

in English language: “Beyond the Last Mountain” – Karachi - 17 December 1976.

Color/Cine-Scope Films
First Color film “Sangam” - Dacca - 23 April 1964.

First cinema scope film “Bahana” – Dacca - 16 April 1965.

First color - cinema scope film “Mala” – Dacca - 3 December 1965.

First color film “Naila” – Lahore - 29 December 1965.

Initially one song of film Gulbadan (1960) was filmed in color. Films “Gul Baqawli” (1961) and “Azra” (1962) had all songs filmed in color. The “Melad Sharif” in Film “Eid Mubarak” (July 1965) was also filmed in color.

Film Show in Iran
During his visit to Iran, Pakistani President Iskandar Mirza took film “Intezar” (1956) with him and showed it to the King of Iran. This film was honored with President’s Award.

Naashad’s films in India
Composer Naashad’s first film in Pakistan was “Maikhana” (1964) but in India he had composed music for many famous films such as “Naghma”, Zindagi Ya Toofan” and “Bara Dari”.

Famous Lori
The original playback singer of famous “lori” (raj dulari) of film Naukar (1955) was Munawwar Sultana but for radio it was released in the voice of “Kausar Parveen”.

Fight with a Lion
Actor Sudhir had a fight with a real lion in his production film “Sahil” (1960).

Playback by the Indian singers
Talat Mehmood sang three songs for film “Charagh Jalata Raha” (1962) recorded in Karachi.

Hemant Kumar and Sundhia Mukarjee sang for film “Hamsafar” (1960) which was recoded in Calcutta (Kolkata).

C. H. Aatma also sang a song for film “Preetan Aan Milo” which remained incomplete.

Mubarak Begum sang for films “Bara Aadmi” (1957) and “Raaz” (1959).

An Indian student of Karachi University “Naazish (Nazli)” sang her first song with the name of “Nishi Kumari” in film “Bara Baje” (1961).

No Charge Acting/Singing
Actress Deeba charged only one Pakistani Rupee being Heroine in film “Milan” (1964). This was produced by actor-director Rehman after loosing his leg in a road accident during shooting of a film. Similarly Madam Noor Jahan also sang freely for the film.